Real Economy
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Author:  magamud [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Real Economy

The reality, is money is an energetic merkaba that is used for control. Control on many levels. The most important is that we believe how it works. Secondly believing in this dynamic inherently will produce a Psychopathic wedge in the relationship interchange. Hence our very existence. We have been purposely driven to not know this and also our own sloth of negligence has conspired with the Conspirators.
Now, this is in the "occultic" field of knowledge. I say occultic because there is a lack of "knowing" in this area of existence, so I use this to boundary off dimensions so people can feel safe.
So in this sense "reality" comes from the field where Quarks manifest. Our current science is unable to penetrate this field, But your Soul can.
And this is the key. You have to remember who you are. You have to remember the plan of soul evolution...

And on the other hand, the programmed Economics is nothing more then a Merry Go Round of polarized Dialectics that Fractal into Elegance....

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Real Economy

Magamud was correct, and he saw it 10 years ago. How many of us could see what he saw?

The current economy is heading into chaos.

The world economy and especially the political and economic situation today consists of a potpourri of lethal ingredients which will have dire consequences.

Let’s look at what this deadly potion consists of:

  • Debts at levels that can never be repaid – sovereign, corporate & private
  • Epic global bubbles in stocks, bonds & property – all about to collapse
  • Major geopolitical conflicts with no desire for peace – major wars likely
  • Energy imbalances and shortages, most self inflicted
  • Food shortages leading to major famine and civil unrest
  • Inflation, leading to hyperinflation & global poverty
  • Political and economic corruption in US, Europe and most countries
  • No country will afford social security, medical or pension payments

So what are governments around the world doing to solve these problems.

Nothing of course.

The only thing they know is to print more money. They have never understood that a debt problem cannot be solved with more debt. All they can try to achieve is to pass the batten to the next leader so it will be his problem.

This means that all the political, economic and financial mismanagement of the past 50 years will result in a global collapse never seen before in history.

This mother of all global collapses is being orchestrated by the ruling sociopaths. They absolutely need a massive collapse to convince us to accept their New World Order so that they remain in power. This is how they grow the tyranny that they desire. Order out of chaos. Problem - reaction - solution. Divide and conquer. Deceive and manipulate. Power and control. All sociopaths desire this kind of world.

And all people of empathy do not.

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