Free markets? Rigged markets!
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Free markets? Rigged markets!

I have been talking about how the markets are rigged in many different places in the forum, and today I have decided to give this dog a home.

Americans have been brainwashed their entire lives to believe they have free markets, which are the foundation for the most glorious economic system possible, i.e. capitalism.

It's a Big Lie.

Let's take the U.S. stock market as the subject for the moment. The Federal Reserve (the Fed) has been pumping hundreds of billions of dollars per day into the stock market since at least September 2019 (that's the last six months), and probably lesser amounts for maybe the last 50 years or longer. The stock market has been propelled to dizzying heights from August 2018 to February 2020, and then it crashed. The crash is blamed on the coronavirus pandemic, but that's a lie too. It was the Federal Reserve and the ruling sociopaths behind the Federal Reserve who are really responsible. This economic collapse was planned. The Fed kept the market rising until the patsy (the bio-engineered coronavirus) was seeded to take the blame. Et voila! The ruling sociopaths crash the global economy and no one points a finger at them, so they get away scot-free once again while gaining even more power and control over the entire human population.

Monday, March 16, the stock market dropped another 10% in one day. Right before that happened, I noticed something strange about the graph of the markets in the final 30 minutes of trading on the prior Friday, March 13. In that last half-hour, the market dramatically reversed direction and shot up like a rocket! Why?

My bet is that the Fed propped up the market again with a dramatic cash infusion. It was what we have been taught to believe is the "Plunge Protection Team" (PPT). The PPT have to get their working money from somewhere, and that somewhere is the Federal Reserve. So the Fed is the controller with all the power to rig the market. And it does. Whenever it wants to.


Unfortunately for the Fed, it is taking increasingly massive amounts of money to keep the market from collapsing, and the effect is shorter and shorter-lived each time. They knew this would be the case, of course, and their plan is still to collapse the market, but they want to be able to control the collapse so that they profit from it. And releasing the coronavirus on the world to cover their tracks is simply diabolical. But hey, that's what the best sociopaths humanity can produce are all about!

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Mar 18, 2020 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Free markets? Rigged markets!

Here's an example of the Fed profiting from the controlled collapse of the stock market:

The pre-911 U.S. markets showed an astounding - yet confounding and puzzling - rise for the 4 months proceeding 911. The U.S. media dubbed it a "patriotic rally". The European Press called it a "PPT [Plunge Protection Team] rally". Obviously, the U.S. markets were manipulated and rigged to an inflated value in advance of the 911 disaster. -- source

Puzzling? Not if you are part of the 9/11 psy-op.

On September 16th, 2001, The Guardian reported "that a secretive committee... dubbed 'the plunge protection team'... is ready to coordinate intervention by the Federal Reserve on an unprecedented scale. The Fed, supported by the banks, will buy equities from mutual funds and other institutional sellers... " -- source

The "intervention" was coordinated from the start, first to inflate the markets, then to profit from their collapse. So here, right after 9/11, the Fed is buying equities. That just goes to prove the Fed is no stranger to manipulating the stock market. Yes, it does it whenever it feels the need.

Perhaps Americans can now understand why the major U.S. banks, such as JP Morgan, are holding TRILLIONS of gambling derivatives on their books as the PPT group of four use them to rig the markets. Sooner or later, these market "fixes" will no longer hold the bubble from bursting. -- source

We have arrived at that time, but unlike the public, the Fed knows what is going to happen. That's because it has been driving the bus.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri Aug 07, 2020 7:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Free markets? Rigged markets!

U.S. prosecutors took an unusually aggressive turn in their investigation of price fixing at JPMorgan Chase & Co., describing its precious metals trading desk as a criminal enterprise operating inside the bank for nearly a decade. -- source

The precious metals market has been rigged for over a decade. I've been saying it's rigged for over a decade. When they can sell 10 times more paper silver than the quantity of silver that exists, it's in-your-face.

The price of gold and silver has been kept artificially low for decades now, because doing so benefits the central banks. Their control of fiat currencies becomes absolute when there is no competition from gold. Essentially, they run a money monopoly when gold is a non-player.

Precious metals may be breaking out of this long-running control scheme. Listen to the following analysis:

Andy Schectman: Depressed Gold to Silver Ratio Creating Buying Opportunity of a Generation
(duration 39:57)

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