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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Mon Nov 02, 2020 4:40 am ]
Post subject:  The Vatican

Religion is refined corruption that has evolved over the centuries to its present state of sociopathic intent. The mindset of sociopaths is easily found in all major religions, and I maintain that this is so because sociopaths created religions as control mechanisms for the masses.

One of the power centers of the old world that is still with us today is the Vatican. This is no brash, young evangelizing preacher. It is old, experienced, clever, ruthless, understated, secretive, and powerful. It is a master of brainwashing, a betrayer of trust, a relentless predator, a den of pedophiles, a den of vipers, and a private club of sociopaths.

A den of vipers?

Probably one of the most challenging conspiracy theories of the past 30 years for people to digest is that of David Icke’s theory that reptilian ET’s are mixed in with the elite of our planet and have influence over how it is run. To be fair, this theory doesn’t belong to David but was simply popularized by him. -- source

Connect this thought to the spooky design of the latest Vatican building:

Have you heard of the Pope’s Audience Hall? Also known as the Paul VI Audience Hall or the Hall of the Pontifical Audiences, it lies partially in Vatican City and partially in Rome, Italy. Named after Pope Paul VI and built in 1971 by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi, it seats 6,300 and contains a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini, within.

This all sounds pretty straightforward so far, but let’s dive into what makes this building so strange. We’ll start with the less weird, and get progressively weirder as we go. -- source

Snake imagery is all over this building. Can you see the eyes of the snake, the fangs, and the scales?


Did the American Indians really say, "White man speak with forked tongue"?

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