The Education System
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Sep 21, 2017 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  The Education System

Our system of education is corrupted beyond belief. This is exactly what we would expect if sociopaths manage and control the educational system. Their interest would be to control the minds of the population and make them dependent on their masters.

Compare what our educational system should teach us to what it actually teaches us:

  • How to properly care for ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to maintain our personal well-being without causing harm to others.
    - Instead we are methodically prepared to serve the well-being of our masters with no care for the harm we cause in the world.

  • How to have healthy and happy relationships with others.
    - Instead we are deliberately divided (and ruled), guided to have unhealthy and unhappy relationships with others.

  • How to have healthy and happy relationships with non-human life (animals and plants).
    - Instead we are taught to treat other life as mere objects meant to serve us. We are instructed to have "diminion over" all other living things on the Earth (Genesis 1:26).

  • How to produce a healthy and happy child.
    - Instead we are taught nothing about what it takes to raise a truly healthy, happy, independent human being. Parenting education is totally absent.

  • How to problem-solve and fix things.
    - Instead we are taught to be obedient workers slaving away for money so that we can pay others who are specialized at fixing highly specific things for us.

  • How to think effectively and independently.
    - Instead we are taught to follow orders and leave the thinking to our controllers.

In other words, our educational system is a total fraud, deliberately failing to teach us the most important things we need to know, and instead preparing us to be "cogs in a machine" in a factory managed by sociopaths for their own selfish benefits.

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