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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Phil Schneider

While I have no love for the Project Avalon forum any more, there are some legitimate people there discussing legitimate topics (I used to be one of them). However, beware of the sociopaths and their clever posts designed to deceive and manipulate. Contrast that short Bill Ryan post with this one from TrumanCash. Can you spot the differences? Can you also tell which person has empathy and which does not?

I read the whole thread this evening (56 posts at the time), and it is a fascinating study. It's all about people digging for the truth about Phil Schneider, and people trying to discredit him, either knowingly or unknowingly. Phil Schneider was assassinated, and the crime was covered up. If Phil was a kook talking about kookie subjects, why bother to murder him and then cover it up? Who benefits? On the other hand, if Phil was the real deal talking about classified government subjects of a criminal nature, who benefits by murdering him and then covering it up? The ruling sociopaths perhaps?

I keep examining the subject hoping to find convincing evidence that I've been fooled by Phil Schneider, but I'm just not finding it. Everything says he is the real deal. Even the debunking material is so bad, it's embarrassing.

Take "Joe from the Carolinas", for example. He gets a personalized, "just declassified document" from the FBI, and he is dumb enough to take it as gospel. What an egotistical sucker he is! He badly wants to be a YouTube star, and some government agency is more than willing to help him out, whereupon Joe struts his stuff on Project Avalon, without even naming his vaunted "team of researchers" (come on Joe, admit it's just you and your imaginary friend). As you can see, there are also plenty of idiots posting in the Project Avalon forum. "Joe from the Carolinas", you're one of them.

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