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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Alan Watt

I have been remiss in including one of the greats when it comes to truth-telling, the Canadian Alan Watt. I was informed today by a friend who listened to Alan Watt regularly that Alan died 10 days ago on March 4, 2021. This was sad news for me, as I had many discussions in the past with my friend about Alan Watt's perspective, a perspective that I found mostly correct but with some minor potential flaws. Alan Watt felt like a giant among truth-tellers to me, similar to William Cooper and Jordan Maxwell, though I spent less time studying Alan Watt than the latter two, who definitely commanded more of my attention. I think this was because of Alan Watt's quiet, humble, rambling style and information-dense presentations. He certainly saw the big picture and the complex and convoluted interconnections between the multitude of puzzle pieces, and I very much admired his tenacity for educating the masses, or at least trying to. The masses, of course, call people like Alan Watt "conspiracy theorists" and quickly dismiss them, exactly as they have been brainwashed to do. How does one reach the mind-controlled masses, when you don't want to con them as the ruling sociopaths do? That's a major problem we face, to be sure.

It looks like the audio below was Alan Watt's last post from February 21, twelve days before his death. I've only listened to the first 8 minutes out of the 260 minutes that comprise it so far, but in only that short slice of time it is more than evident how knowledgeable Alan Watt was of the deception and manipulation humanity is subjected to by the ruling sociopaths. This man sees it and would like us to see it too, and he tried ceaselessly to open our eyes. That's what makes a great human being.

Thank you, Alan Watt. I salute you with great respect.

Alan Watt (Feb. 21, 2021) Never In The History of Human Conflict Has So Much Been Lost by So Many
(duration 4:19:42)

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