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Snopes is one of the significant "controlled opposition" organizations used to deceive the public. It is very much as Fox News or CNN is to the mainstream media, a place where the public turns for factual information but instead receives propaganda and disinformation. Because of the insidious nature underlying, I felt it deserved its on thread on the forum. I have already exposed many examples of Snopes deceiving the public in prior posts, and I thought it might be useful to have a place where these examples can be referenced. You can, of course, find these examples by doing a forum search on the word "Snopes", but many forum users are not familiar with the power or limitations of the search feature and have never used it.

I am not the first to have discovered Snopes is "fake news" and a mind control operation ( 1 2 3 ), but I did do it independently, and I also started from the belief that they were genuine fact-checkers.

The latest example of the Snopes psy-op is here. This example prompted me to create this thread, as it is so outrageous and easily highlights the bad intent that lies behind Snopes apparently noble function. Snopes is really there to discredit the truth and support the control agenda of the ruling sociopaths. It does not provide a service to the public, but is instead a disservice. Unfortunately, the bulk of the public has been fooled to believe the opposite. Thus Snopes has been a rousing success in the mind control "bag of tricks" that the ruling sociopaths use on us.

It's not that we can't handle the truth. It's that they can't handle us if we know the truth.

Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:35 pm
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