Hating hate?
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Hating hate?

Censorship is repugnant to me. I hate it. Isn't that a "hate crime"? No. It is hate, but it is not a crime. I hate evil. I hate war. I hate murder. I hate rape. I hate crime. I hate taxes. I hate slavery. And I hate censorship. It is not a crime to hate what is unnatural and anti-human. In fact, for normal people, it is not only normal to hate such vile things, it is a duty. It is a service to our fellow man. It is what makes us good. And it is what makes us a target of the forces of evil that wish to dominate us.

Do you know who those forces of evil are? I do. They have been called by many names. For a long time, they were simply called devils, or evil. Early psychologists called them "the morally insane". Later they were given an official term — psychopaths. This essentially means "diseased psyches". And quite literally, this is accurate, because compared to normal people, psychopaths do have diseased minds. Hollywood, which is run by psychopaths, conspired to redefine the word psychopath in the minds of the public, using films like Hitchcock's "Psycho". Hollywood's powers of influence were such that the meaning of the word psychopath was afterwards popularly understood to mean "serial killer", as portrayed in the films. By doing this, most successful psychopaths could argue that they were not serial killers, thus they could not be psychopaths. Pretty clever, eh? Psychologists began to use a new name for psychopaths, since the old name had been corrupted, and they called them sociopaths. But the sociopaths even found a way to undermine that term. The principle psychiatric organization, a group dominated by sociopaths, redefined the disease as "Anti-Social Personality Disorder", or ASPD. Essentially, the morally insane had succeeded in downgrading their disease to one of being antisocial. That's a pretty good trick, and it is illustrative of how devious these people are.

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