Hitler -- What is the truth?
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Apr 10, 2022 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

This video was painful for me to watch. It is brainwashing on display, combined with a desire to uncover the truth while respecting the "undeniable facts" that are not facts at all. It is horrifying to see humans parroting information that is false to such a rabid degree. Joe Rogan says at about the 18:00 mark that "Wernher Von Braun ... would hang the five slowest Jews in front of the rocket factory in Berlin just to give everybody motivation to work harder." Joe! Are you a total idiot?! How can you fall for such obvious Jewish propaganda?

Mind control is real, and we have all been subjected to it. No one is immune. This video clearly demonstrates the effect the mind control techniques, combined with the normal human tendency to parrot mindlessly, have had on all of us. Our belief systems have been totally constructed and have little to no connection to reality or truth.

Joe Rogan SHOCKED By Hitler Conspiracy Theory
(duration 18:59)

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Mon Apr 18, 2022 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Explaining within that story that author Naomi Baumslag had deeply documented the complicity of Nazi doctors and the pharmaceutical industry in the genocide and govt-sponsored mass murder and murderous medical experiments that took place in the 1940's in her 2005 book titled "Murderous Medicine: Nazi Doctors, Human Experimentation, and Typhus," the author of that book warned how diseases were intentionally brought into the neighborhoods of the 'undesirable, useless eaters' for 'depopulation' purposes just before 'programs' were introduced, allegedly to help stave off the diseases, only for such programs to be used for even more 'depopulation'.

More than 1.5 million concentration camp prisoners died of typhus, a preventable disease. Despite advances in public health measures to control and prevent typhus outbreaks, German doctors, fueled by their racist ideology and their medieval approach to the disease, used the disease as a form of biological warfare against Jews, Slavs, and gypsies. Jewish hospitals in ghettos were burned―along with patients and staff―if typhus was present. In concentration camps, even suspected typhus cases were killed in the gas chambers or through intracardiac injections. Typhus vaccines were tested on prisoners deliberately infected with typhus. Only a handful of doctors were ever prosecuted for their crimes. -- source

What a load of crap! This is Jewish propaganda at its best. The Germans would never have shaved heads if they wanted typhus to kill workers in the camps. They would have done like the Allies after the war, who did nothing to protect German soldiers who had surrendered. The Allies simply allowed typhus to sweep through the crowds of German soldiers massed in open fields with no protection from the weather, no sanitation, inadequate food (on Eisenhower's cruel orders), and no medical treatment. There were no doctors for the German soldiers, and no need to introduce typhus (spread by lice) to the prisoners. Typhus was all over Europe before and during WW2. German soldiers died by the hundreds of thousands after they had surrendered because of the deliberate inhumane conditions imposed on them for months at a time.

The Big Lie advanced by Naomi Baumslag is exactly what Hitler said the Jews typically employ. Is she just a brainwashed parrot of the Jewish Holocaust fable, or is she an active participant in advancing the Jewish psy-op, knowing it is a con?

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Apr 24, 2022 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Demagogues throughout the millennia have exploited human gullibility and complacency, and quite effectively. Adolf Hitler wrote in his Mein Kampf:

“The great masses of people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil…therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.”

Hitler exploited that human tendency to deceive to mount history’s most destructive war, born of economic hardship. Germany and Japan wanted to come to the imperial card game with the other big players - Britain, France and the United States in particular - but the imperial powers already “owned” the world.

I am always interested to find examples of intelligent people who are not aware of their own brainwashing. Wade really believes "Hitler exploited that human tendency to deceive to mount history’s most destructive war, born of economic hardship." This is a totally false belief. Hitler never wanted war, and he did not "mount" the war. The ruling sociopaths in Britain did that. The war was not born of any economic hardship in Germany, which was thriving like never before under Hitler's guidance.

I suspect Wade Frazier never read Mein Kampf. Why should he, as he already "knows" all he needs to know about "the world's most evil man". This is the way it is with most people, who never question the mind control they are born directly into. It was the same with me for much of my life. Based on my own brainwashing, I could have easily parroted the same spiel that Wade just parroted, and with similar conviction. But all I would have accomplished is show my total ignorance of reality.

Ra stated that Genghis Kahn, Rasputin, Hermann Goering, and Heinrich Himmler were all harvestable on the love-of-self path (otherwise called self-serving, negatively polarized, evil, or what I call the dark path).

Evidently Ra is also prone to show its total ignorance of reality. Hermann Goering and Heinrich Himmler were not "service-to-self" evil people. But people have been brainwashed to believe it, and this is reflected in Ra's supposed wisdom. So what does that tell you about the legitimacy of Ra?

It tells me that Ra is a creation of human imagination, just like everything we've been taught to believe about Hitler.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Apr 28, 2022 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

The great Jordan Peterson shows us the depth of his intellect by analyzing Hitler and Nazi Germany, and we learn that Jordan is an idiot just like almost everyone else. He cannot distinguish fact from fiction because he too grew up in a world of deception and brainwashing. It's a perfect example of garbage in, garbage out. When your premise is a false history, your conclusions are junk, no matter how artfully you embellish them. That you do try to embellish them is perhaps the most revealing shortcoming of all.

So we have the mindless parrots and the mindful parrots, but the key realization is that we have parrots.

How Hitler was Even More Evil Than You Think - Prof. Jordan Peterson
(duration 4:22)

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed May 04, 2022 5:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Fritz Hippler explained the secret of modern propaganda, and he would know. He was the Chief of Filmmaking at the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda during the years of Nazi Germany. As he put it, "The secret of propaganda is to simplify complex or complicated things, to make them as simple as possible, so even less ingenious men can understand what I mean. And then, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it every day. That's the secret of modern propaganda - simplify and repetition." (You should really click on the link, and hear and see him say it himself. He's very convincing.) -- source

The reason everyone in the Western (Jewish) world misunderstands Nazi propaganda is because they only know about Jewish propaganda. Jewish propaganda is about simplifying complex or complicated lies, while Nazi propaganda was all about simplifying complex or complicated truths. Jewish propaganda is about deceiving people, while Nazi propaganda was about educating or enlightening people. Jewish propaganda has succeeded in vilifying Nazi propaganda so thoroughly that when Jewish propaganda is readily identifiable as deception (because it is poorly done), it is now called Nazi propaganda!

I want to give three concrete and irrefutable examples of genuine nazi propaganda, produced by the West, (US and EU) about the war in Ukraine in just the last month, which not only attempt to cover up the crime of intentional mass murder attacks on civilians, but go further still and attempt to blame the actual victims for the crimes of US, EU and Ukrainian nazis. -- source

These are actually three examples of sloppy Jewish propaganda, as the intent is to blatantly deceive the public. An example of genuine Nazi propaganda would be the news Germany released in 1943 about their discovery of the Katyn massacre. The intent was not to deceive the German people, but to educate them on the true nature of their barbaric Russian (Jewish) enemy, who would secretly murder Poles by the tens of thousands, and then have the gall to blame the Nazis for the murders when the Nazis discovered the mass graves!

Fritz Hippler knows the meaning of propaganda as Germans understood it — simplifying the truth so that even "less ingenious men" (i.e. the man in the street) can understand what the reality actually is. But Fritz Hippler doesn't understand that the non-German world has been taught a totally different concept of propaganda, one originating from the Jewish sociopaths, which is designed to be a clever tool for deceiving the masses. This is a critical concept to understand! When Goebbels spoke of propaganda, he and the German people understood that it was built on truth. Hitler called what the Jews did, not propaganda, but "the Big Lie", and this is what the Western world has been taught ever since WW2 to call "propaganda". And naturally, ever since WW2, the Jewish sociopaths have been falsely accusing their opponents (the Nazis) of their own malfeasance ("propaganda" of the Jewish kind). The Big Lies that the Jews falsely pinned on the Germans include the Holocaust™ (a genocide like their Katyn massacre only orders of magnitude bigger), the master race idea (but Jews claim they are God's Chosen People), Hitler desiring to conquer the world (when the Jewish religion calls for Jews to rule the world), Hitler being the world's most evil man (when Jews are the most sociopathic of human groups and believe non-Jews are only here to serve Jews), German "death camps" (the real death camps were run by the Allies after the war on German soldiers who had surrendered), German "gas chambers" (which were actually fumigation chambers to disinfect clothing of the lice that caused typhus), and so many other vile and outrageous lies that are completely undeserved.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri May 13, 2022 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

And most importantly, Kurginyan noted, if a serious war against Russia is planned, then why leave any memory about the fact that this country once saved the world from the absolute evil of fascism? -- source

Because Russia didn't "save the world from the absolute evil of fascism". Hitler and the National Socialists and the German people were neither evil nor fascists. In fact, compared to Stalin and the Jewish cabal of Bolsheviks that had taken over Russia in 1917, the Nazis were angels and saviors of the people. The entire story of the Katyn Massacre illustrates that point with precision. Hitler did not commit such atrocities; he reported them to the world. But the world, under the yoke of the Jewish-controlled press, never got the truth. Instead, in typical sociopathic fashion, the real perpetrators of the Katyn Massacre, Stalin and company, accused their opponents of their own malfeasance. Yes, the Russians blamed the Germans for the massacre, and the French, British, and Americans gladly went along with it. This is why the total lie of the Jewish Holocaust™ had to be invented and pushed into the spotlight during the bogus Nuremberg Trials. Allied atrocities had to be hidden by a heavy blanket of outrageously exaggerated and outright fabricated German atrocities that were orders of magnitude worse than the atrocities being hidden. In that way, the crimes of the true criminals could be easily brushed aside and forgotten while the innocent and honorable Germans were condemned and hanged by those very same true criminals who conducted the trials. That was absolute evil, and it has been falsely presented as Justice ever since to the brainwashed masses.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri May 13, 2022 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

I have to laugh at ex-military intelligence officer Scott Ritter in the video below starting at 10:15 and ending in my outburst of laughter at 10:51. Poor guy, he is so brainwashed! And we have here an illustration of how far removed from reality a person can become as a result of propaganda. We have all been so deceived and manipulated in an avalanche effect produced by faulty analysis and reasoning based on false premises. No wonder we can't think straight, when we base our conclusions on a mountain of twisted truths and outright lies that most people foolishly consider "facts".

As is almost always the case for all people, the "evil" of Hitler and the Nazis found fertile ground in Scott Ritter's mind and shaped his entire life, to the point where he becomes a defender of Israel and the Jews, which is where the foundation of the propaganda came from in the first place!

I am gob-smacked...

Scott Ritter; Ukraine, Finland and Nato, a Warning to the People of Finland
(duration 48:40)

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun May 29, 2022 8:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

I recently finished reading Mein Kampf. It took me almost a year to read it. When I reached the last chapter, I was feeling sad that It was coming to an end. I don't think I've ever read a more educational book, and I've read a lot of books in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men of the 20th century. All the "great" men revered by western society are garbage in comparison. Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower — all a part of the Jewish cabal — are vile and sickening figures when put next to Hitler. Of course, the Jewish-controlled media has brainwashed us to think the exact opposite, painting Hitler with the words "vile" and "sickening" in a vile and sickening attempt to erase the man's true stature. "Holocaust" they yell, "murderer" they yell, "antisemite" they yell — but they are lying, which is what they do best. The Jews, or more specifically the sociopaths among the Jews, are deceivers, manipulators, and con-artists. Sociopathy is admired by the Jewish collective, and it has thus been a selected trait in the evolution of the Jewish tribe. Sociopaths are more common among Jews than among non-Jews. This is why Jewish pogroms have occurred throughout modern history, as normal people eventually recognize the criminal nature of these parasites and want them gone. Hitler had observed this himself and easily recognized the Jewish mindset as the cancer that was killing Germany. Like all real Germans, he wanted these parasites gone. He wanted to restore his people, the Aryans, to good health and have them thrive and prosper again. There is nothing more noble than trying to cure a suffering nation that is being consumed by opportunistic parasites. Hitler accomplished this between 1933 and 1936, not by himself, but with the dedicated cooperation of other National Socialists and ordinary German people who recognized the righteousness of his worldview. That is why Hitler enjoyed near unanimous support among German people by 1936. Hitler did not deceive or manipulate or con his people, and he would not tolerate anyone who did. Jews were thus banned from government positions, rightfully so, and agreements were made with the international Zionist organization to have the Jews leave Germany with their wealth intact (the Haavara Agreement). But none of this was mentioned in the book, as it was written by Hitler in 1924 while he was incarcerated for attempting to replace the corrupt Munich city government. At that point, Hitler is hardly a known figure, except among the Jews. As Hitler writes in his preface of Mein Kampf:

On April 1st, 1924, I began to serve my sentence of detention in the Fortress of Landsberg am Lech, following the verdict pronounced by the Munich People’s Court on that day.

After years of uninterrupted labour it was now possible for the first time to begin a work for which many had asked and which I myself felt would be profitable for the Movement. I therefore decided to devote two volumes to a description not only of the aims of our Movement, but also of its development. There is more to be learned from this than from any purely doctrinaire treatise.

This has also given me the opportunity of describing my own development in so far as such a description is necessary to the understanding of the first as well as of the second volume and to refute the unfounded tales which the Jewish press has circulated about me.

Hitler was already targeted by the Jews. He was already being lied about and character assassinated by the Jews. It will be almost nine years before Hitler will be appointed chancellor of Germany by German President Paul Von Hindenburg. During those long nine years, Hitler will work tirelessly and selflessly to grow his National Socialist movement, whose primary goal is to restore the freedom and well-being of the German people. This is why Hitler was so loved by the Germans of that time period. He was genuine, honest, focused, unselfish, thoughtful, reasonable, and sincere. All of those qualities are evident throughout his book. He was the real deal, and no effort has been spared by the Jewish cabal to demonize and vilify one of the greatest saviors the German people have ever had. Hitler literally saved the German people from the Jewish parasites, and the German people knew it. The Jews knew it too, and they will never forgive Hitler or the German people for not allowing the Jews to feast on them. The Big Lie of the Holocaust was fabricated for that very reason. No Jew was ever gassed to death in any German camp, not one. They were not death camps, they were prison camps, and the prisoners were used as laborers. Even during the war, nearly half of the prisoners were not Jews. Yet the Jews would have us believe the concentration camps were dedicated death camps for the extermination of Jews. This is total rubbish.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Now I have a new mystery — why did Germany / Hitler invade France? Was this Hitler's desire, or the German military's desire?

I know why Germany / Hitler invaded Russia. Russia was days away from launching a full-scale invasion of Germany, and Germany's only defence was a pre-emptive attack. But why attack France? Yes, France had declared war on Germany to begin with (following Britain's lead), and France had actually invaded Germany in the fall of 1939, but only as a token gesture to Poland, to whom France had promised an attack on Germany should Germany attack Poland. The Great War (World War 1) was only 20 years earlier, and most of the fighting had been between France and Germany on French soil. No doubt German military men still had a grudge against France for the carnage during the Great War as well as for the humiliation after the war when France had occupied the Rhine and Ruhr regions of Germany to enforce "reparations" against Germany.

In retrospect, I can see Stalin benefited the most by the fighting in France and England. He was greedily waiting for the Europeans to exhaust themselves in battle so he could betray his "ally" Germany with a surprise invasion and take over all of Europe. Stalin had planned this all along, like the conniving and paranoid sociopath he was. Hitler didn't know this, like the honest and sincere non-sociopath he was. He had negotiated with Stalin in good faith, not realizing at that point that Stalin, like all sociopaths, never negotiated in good faith.

So I suspect there is a vast and unknown story behind this decision to invade and occupy France that is kept hidden from the world, most likely by the victors of WW2, namely the Jews.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Jun 15, 2022 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

This I had to see, a mainstream media program exposing the lies about Hitler. Did it do so?

Of course not.

John Lukacs basically toes the official line about Hitler and avoids the crushing criticism that would descend upon him for exposing the lies about Hitler. David Irving does the real research using source (German) materials and witnesses whereas John Lukacs surveys what other "historians" write about Hitler. Given the differences of their approaches, there is no way John Lukacs will ever discover or expose the lies about Hitler. Those lies are repeated ad infinitum by the very historians he surveys in the usual parroting manner that afflicts all humans. David Irving dares to say what his research uncovers, which of course runs counter to the official history written by the victors, and thus becomes the target of persecution by the Jewish cabal. Isn't it obvious where the better history will come from?

Lies You've Been Told About Hitler and Why: The Hitler of History (1998)
(duration 58:30)

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