Hitler -- What is the truth?
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:54 am ]
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The defeat of Germany in World War I evidently was accomplished primarily by starving the German people. Hitler's emphasis on "Lebensraum" (literally "living space") in Mein Kampf was a precautionary measure to ensure that Germany would be able to feed itself in the future and avoid the blackmail of a British blockade of imported food (the bulk of Germany's food was imported).

One of the inhuman conditions of capitulation was the hunger blockade against Germany, which was continued by French demand until the Versailles Treaty came into force in January 1920.

Because of its long-term effects, the hunger blockade imposed by the British was more decisive in defeating the Central Powers than was wartime military pressure. The number of deaths due to hunger and malnutrition is estimated at 800,000 for 1919 alone.

Adolf Hitler, then an unknown soldier, experienced the famine which lasted throughout the war and in those early postwar years. His political program was born of those experiences, particularly his idea of conquering Ukraine for the German people. Conquering the fertile regions of southern Russia could provide not only living space for the German people; it could ban forever the possibility of another hunger blockade.

Hitler experienced the Revolution of November 1918 lying wounded in a military hospital. He became a passionate enemy of the November Revolution and of the "Soviet Republic" in the Bavarian capital of Munich during April 1919, a political coup staged chiefly by Jews and directed by Lenin's radio commands from Moscow. Hitler became a member of the then totally unimportant "Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" (German Worker's Party) founded in January of that same year, and he soon proved to be a brilliant orator. His main topic was the Versailles dictate, which he saw as closely connected with the November revolution and the mischievous revolutionary activities of the Jews. As a German of the late Habsburg Monarchy, he was a fanatic supporter of a union of the Austrian Germans with the German Reich. The main focuses of his political activity were the fight against the peace dictate (the Versailles Treaty), the Marxist-Communist threat with the leading role of the Jews in the revolt, and the fight for self-determination and equality of rights for the German people. -- source

Of course, this is not how Lebensraum is typically explained in the context of Hitler. Instead, it is falsely presented as a justification for Hitler's vision of world conquest. Left unsaid is that Hitler had no such vision.

The geopolitical concept of Lebensraum (German for "living space") was the idea that land expansion was essential to the survival of a people. Used originally to support colonialism, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler adapted the concept of Lebensraum to support his quest for German expansion to the east. -- source

No, Hitler first wanted German agricultural land taken from Germany at the end of WW1 to be recovered so that Germany could no longer be starved into submission by British navy blockades. He was being perfectly reasonable and empathetic to the needs of his people (needs like not being starved by foreign powers).

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:28 am ]
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Mike King does a good job countering the misleading propaganda that has long been focused on Adolf Hitler. The 1936 Olympics hosted by Germany in Berlin was a showcase of German generosity and values, yet in the Jewish-controlled press, it has always been denigrated and misrepresented, especially after the war once the Holocaust™ hoax was established.

The 1936 Olympics were a joyous occasion, and German athletes excelled in front of their home audience, earning more medals than any other nation. Germany was thriving under Hitler, and that enthusiasm and exuberance was reflected in the performance of German athletes and the goodwill of German people. But Germany had a dangerous enemy that wanted to destroy all of that. This enemy declared global economic war on Germany three years prior to the Berlin Olympics, and it would use every dirty trick it could muster to sabotage the German success story that the Berlin Olympics clearly demonstrated to the world.


Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:01 pm ]
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The Treaty of Versailles was the Jewish-orchestrated "peace treaty" that was imposed on Germany following WW1. It was devastatingly cruel and was the primary reason for the popular support of Adolf Hitler, who like most Germans hated the injustice of the forced agreement.

The most important stipulations of the dictate of Versailles were as follows: The German Reich had to cede 73,485 square kilometers, inhabited by 7,325,000 persons, to neighboring states. Before the war it had possessed 540,787 square kilometers and 67,892,000 inhabitants; after the war, 467,301 square kilometers and 59,036,000 inhabitants remained. Germany lost 75% of its yearly production of zinc ore, 74.8% of iron ore, 7.7% of lead ore, 28.7% of coal, and 4% of potash. Of its yearly agricultural production, Germany lost 19.7% in potatoes, 18.2% in rye, 17.2% in barley, 12.6% in wheat, and 9.6% in oats.

The Saar territory and other regions to the west of the Rhine were occupied by foreign troops and were to remain so for fifteen years, with Cologne, Mainz, and Coblenz as bridgeheads. The costs of the occupation, 3,640,000,000 gold marks, had to be paid by the German Reich. Germany was not allowed to station troops or build fortifications to the west of the Rhine and in a fifty-kilometer zone to the east.

Germany was forced to disarm almost completely, the conditions calling for: abolition of the general draft, prohibition of all heavy arms (artillery and tanks), a volunteer army of only 100,000 troops and officers restricted to long-term enlistments; reduction of the navy to six capital ships, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, twelve torpedo-boats, 15,000 men and 500 officers. An air force was absolutely prohibited. The process of disarmament was overseen by an international military committee until 1927. Additionally, all German rivers had to be internationalized and overseas cables ceded to the victors.

The economic conditions of the Versailles treaty were as follows: After the delivery of the navy, the merchant ships had to be handed over as well, with only a few exceptions. Germany was deprived of all her foreign accounts -- private ones too -- and lost her colonies. For a period of ten years, Germany had to supply France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy with 40 million tons of coal per year, and had to deliver machines, factory furnishings, tools and other materials for the restoration of devastated areas in Belgium and the North of France. In regard to the hunger blockade, which continued until January 1920, a special hardship on the German people was the forced delivery of German cattle to the victors for breeding and slaughtering purposes.

The Versailles Treaty did not contain any limitation on the victors' financial demands, in order to facilitate additional demands. In 1920, the Western allies fixed the amount of reparations first at a sum of 269 billions of gold marks; then, in 1921, at 132 billions -- both unrealistic demands. France made use of this opportunity by occupying additional German cities. This policy of blackmail culminated in the invasion of the Ruhr territory by French and Belgian military units in January, 1923. In this way, France hoped to accomplish the disintegration of the German Reich, and to establish the Rhine as France's eastern frontier. Thereafter, the French occupation forces accelerated inflation in the occupied zones by confiscating the presses for printing bank notes, and produced money in unprecedented amounts. It was thus that France promoted high inflation until the breakdown of German currency. -- source

No wonder Hitler found such widespread support among Germans!

I note that the French apparently had a hand in the hyperinflation of the German currency. This is the first time I have read about this. Could the French people involved in this crime have been French bankers, perhaps French Jewish bankers, perhaps even French Jewish banker sociopaths? I don't know at this point, but it would be an interesting avenue to explore.

Note also that the monetary reparations demanded of Germany were in the hundreds of billions of gold marks, an utterly impossible sum. Gold was worth $20 an ounce in the USA at that time ($1280 today, because of the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve's inflation policy). According to Wikipedia, "Gold coins (German gold marks minted up to 1915) were minted in .900 fineness to a standard of 2790 Mark = 1 kilogram of gold." So the amount demanded of Germany in cash reparations, 269 billion in German gold marks, would be 96.4 million kilograms of gold. That amount of gold at today's artificially low price would be worth 4 trillion dollars. The people behind the Treaty of Versailles were clearly seeking the total economic enslavement of the German nation.

From this perspective, you can see how Hitler literally freed Germany of its chains and made it free and independent of the Jewish-controlled global banking system.

Germans correctly saw Hitler as a hero and savior.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:21 am ]
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The problem of inducing the enemy to fire the first shot in order to be able to brand him the aggressor was easier in the German-Polish confrontation than it was to be two years later in the conflict between Japan and the U.S.A. The Polish, influenced by the American administration and relying on their alliance with Great Britain and France, reacted to the last German peace proposal with a general mobilization. Thus they forced the German government's hand. According to Frederick the Great of Prussia, "The attacker is the one who forces his adversary to attack." -- source

The attacker, the guilty party who really started WW2, would therefore be the Allies, meaning Great Britain, France, Russia, and the USA. It was not Hitler and the Nazis. The true attackers have loaded us to the gills with propaganda about Hitler starting WW2. Why would they do that except to hide the truth about who the real bad guys were? Why is Hitler continually described as "the world's most evil man"? Why are the Nazis characterized as brutal, murdering monsters? Why invent a complete fairy tale of Hitler gassing 6 million Jews? Why reinforce these lies non-stop for over 70 years, persecuting and imprisoning all who attempt to reveal the truth?

On September 3, 1939, the British government declared war on Germany and thus forced France to take the same disastrous step, hypocritically claiming they were doing so to protect Polish independence. Exactly twenty-five years earlier, on August 4, 1914, the British government had declared war on the German Reich, proclaiming its support for Belgian neutrality. Within a quarter of a century, the British Empire thus started two unprovoked wars in order to destroy Germany. -- source

The British Empire mentioned was really the Rothschild Jewish Empire. The English people were not the aggressors, but their sociopathic leaders, who were bought-and-paid-for by the Rothschild cabal, certainly were. Churchill was Jewish owned and controlled from childhood, and a sociopath in his own right. It was the sociopathic leadership of the Jews who were behind the "ethnic cleansing" they wanted for Germany. Hitler had realized this as a lowly soldier in WW1. Jews were the true enemy of Germany.

In the spring of 1941, when the U.S.A. was still officially neutral, the Jewish author, Theodore Kaufman, published the book Germany Must Perish. In it he outlined a plan for the biological eradication of the German people through the forced sterilization of the whole adult population. -- source

The real monsters were not the Germans, the Nazis, or Hitler and his dream team. The real monsters were the Jews. Not all the Jews, mind you, as most of the Jews were just Followers. It was the Jewish leadership, the sociopaths at the top of the Jewish hierarchy.

Imagine the backlash if a German wrote a book called Israel Must Perish...

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:25 am ]
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Mark Weber wrote:
However, it should be noted that Poland had refused to even negotiate over self-determination for the German city of Danzig and the ethnic German minority in the so-called Polish Corridor. Hitler felt compelled to resort to arms when he did in response to a growing Polish campaign of terror and dispossession against the one and a half million ethnic Germans under Polish rule. In my view, if ever a military action was justified, it was the German campaign against Poland in 1939.

When you know the facts, which are deliberately buried beneath a mountain of anti-Hitler propaganda, the police action Hitler undertook against Poland was correct and necessary. The leaders of Great Britain, France, and the United States knew this and had planned for it, with the premeditated intent of allowing Britain and France the excuse to declare war on Germany. Documents recovered in Poland by the Nazis in 1939 clearly show the damning role American president Roosevelt played in fomenting the war. The Germans published these documents for the world to see, and the response from the highest levels of U.S. government was to deny, deny, and deny. The American leaders were lying to their own people and the world, but they knew they had no choice if they expected to keep their positions of power and control. And unfortunately, the gullible American public believed the lies. The Nazis were once again honestly telling the straight-up truth, but the crafty Allied liars spun their tales with serious faces and won the confidence of their people, exactly as con-artists are wont to do.

The Nazi leadership told the truth, and the American leadership lied. This was to be the pattern before the war, during the war, and after the war. Yet the official history now is that the Nazis were lying scoundrels of the worst type, the exact opposite of reality. It is important to note that Hitler was aware of the veracity of all of this revealing information gleaned from the Polish documents. Hitler was no madman and no sociopath, but I bet he realized that those foreign leaders who opposed him were.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:19 am ]
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One of the reports the Nazis obtained in Warsaw was from the Polish ambassador in Washington DC.

Of all the documents in this collection, the most revealing is probably the secret report by Ambassador Potocki of 12 January 1939 which dealt with the domestic situation in the United States. This report is given here in full:

The feeling now prevailing in the United States is marked by a growing hatred of Fascism and, above all, of Chancellor Hitler and everything connected with Nazism. Propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews who control almost 100 percent radio, film, daily and periodical press. Although this propaganda is extremely coarse and presents Germany as black as possible -- above all religious persecution and concentration camps are exploited -- this propaganda is nevertheless extremely effective since the public here is completely ignorant and knows nothing of the situation in Europe. -- source

To this day, propaganda is mostly in the hands of the Jews who control almost 100 percent of the radio, film, daily, and periodical press. This propaganda is extremely effective since the public here is kept completely ignorant and knows nothing of the real situation in Europe or even in their own country.

Hmm, same perpetrators and the same modus operandi.

Jews really were the enemy of Germany. They were the hidden hand orchestrating the planet into the second world war in history, only 20 years after having orchestrated the first world war, again with Germany in the cross hairs. Is it any wonder that the Germans were opposed to the Jews?

Léon Degrelle wasn't kidding when he said the real winners of the war were the Jews.

The narrative in this video, from 1:28 to 6:24, is Léon Degrelle's actual spontaneous discourse, but translated into English.

Degrelle being decorated by Hitler in 1944.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:02 am ]
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Here is Hitler's radio speech to Germany, January 30, 1945. The war will only last three more months before Germany succumbs to the Mongol hoards of Stalin's vicious armies, who have been promised death by Stalin should they retreat or fall prisoner to the Germans.

Hitler is surely aware of the gravity of Germany's position. The military nightmare of a two-front war, that Hitler knew from WW1 experience had to be avoided, could not be avoided. Stalin had long planned to sweep over Europe when the two warring sides had exhausted themselves, and Germany had barely avoided being caught in an unscrupulous ambush from behind by the sociopath Stalin in June 1941. Germany had practically defeated Russia in short order, and Stalin had nearly disappeared for his own self-preservation, when the Russian winter of 1941 (the coldest European winter of the 20th Century) turned the fortunes of the German army (much like it had for Napoleon's army).

So what will Hitler say to his ravaged nation at this perilous time ? Will he deceive and manipulate with shameless irresponsibility, as Clinton, Bush, and Obama did so often? Or will he speak with candor and honesty? You be the judge.

German Comrades! National Socialists! Ladies and Gentlemen!

When the immortal Reich’s president von Hindenburg entrusted me with the chancellorship 12 years ago as the leader of the strongest party, Germany stood before the same internal situation as today in the political outer world circumstances. The Versailles Diktat was a planned, instituted and persistent method to bring about the economic destruction and annihilation of the Democratic Republic. This eventually led to permanent manifestations of seven million unemployed and seven million part time workers, a devastated farming community, obliterated trade, and consequently to the collapse of our commercial economy.

The German harbors were nothing more but ship cemeteries. The financial footing of the Reich threatened to collapse at any moment not only as a federation, but also in the states and communities. The deciding factor was the following: Behind this methodical economic destruction of Germany was the phantom of the Asian Bolshevism, then just the same as today. And just as now on a grand scale, so in the years before our taking of power, the small inner civil world was completely incapable of standing up against this development. One still did not recognize, even after the collapse of 1918, that an old world is passing away and a new one is being born, and that it cannot be about propping up by all means that which proved brittle and rotten, and therefore maintain it artificially, but that it is necessary to put in its place the obviously robust.

A surviving social order was broken down and every attempt to sustain it therefore had to be in vain. It was not any different then as today on a grand scale, as likewise, the tribal states are consecrated for destruction, and only clearly aligned, ideologically solidified national communities can outlast the severest crisis in Europe in centuries. Only six years of peace were permitted us since January 30th, 1933. In these six years tremendous achievements have been accomplished and even greater ones planned; so much and so colossal that it evoked even more the envy of the failing democratic world around us. But the deciding factor was, that in these six years it was achieved, with superhuman efforts, to rehabilitate the German Volk community from its defenselessness, meaning not in the first place to supply it with material war power, but to fill it with the spiritual resistance of self assertion.

The gruesome fate that is running its course in the East in villages and in the market square, out in the country and in the cities, devouring people by the tens of thousands, even hundred thousands, will be repelled and mastered by us with utmost efforts despite all setbacks and hard trials. But if this is even possible, then it is only because an inner change has taken place in the German people since 1933. Had there been a Germany today-and Europe-according to the Versailles Diktat, it would long have been flooded by an inner Asian storm and swept away. It is useless to get into a debate with these mutton heads who never seem to become extinct, who are of the opinion that a defenseless Germany would not have fallen prey to this Jewish-International world conspiracy just because of its powerlessness.

This is nothing short of putting a natural order upside down. Since when will the defenseless goose not be eaten by the fox just because by its natural constitution the goose cannot have aggressive tendencies? And since when will the wolf finally become a pacifist because the sheep have no defense whatsoever? That there exist such civic mutton heads who believe this in all sincerity, only proves how necessary it was to dispose of an age which in its education trains and maintains such symptoms, yes, even supports them with political influence.

Long before National Socialism even came into power, there already raged an unrelenting battle against this Jewish-Asian Bolshevism. The reason it [the Jewish-Asian Bolshevism] did not flood Europe already in 1919/20 is only because it was then still too weak and not well armed. Its attempt to do away with Poland then was not abandoned out of compassion for the Poland of that day, but only as a result of the lost battle before Warsaw. Its intention to destroy Hungary was not thrust aside because of a change of mind but because the Bolshevist military power could not be sustained. The attempt to completely smash up Germany, likewise, was not abandoned because it no longer wanted this result, instead because they did not succeed in eliminating the last of the natural defiance power of our people.

At once, however, Judea began their planned internal subversion of our people. And in that it had the best comrades in those obstinate citizens who did not want to recognize that the age of a citizen world has now been ended and will never return. And that the epoch of uncurbed economic liberalism had run its course and can only lead to its own collapse. That most of all, one may only master the great missions of these times under an authoratively combined power of the nation, coming from the law of same rights for all and therefore, as a result, also the same duties. Just as in reverse, the fulfillment of those equal duties must lead necessarily to equal rights. So that the National Socialism in midst of a gigantic economic, social, and cultural formation activity, most of all concerning education, gave the German people an armor which could even be convert into a military value. The resistance ability of our nation has grown enormously since January 30, 1933 so that it is no longer comparable with that of earlier times. This upholding of inner resistance power, however, is at the same time the surest guarantor for the final victory!

When Europe today is gripped by a serious illness, then the states affected by this will either overcome it by calling upon all their inner and outer resistance power or will succumb to it. Even the convalescent, and therefore survivor, overcomes the climax of such an illness only in its crisis, which will also weaken him to the utmost. It is therefore even more so our unchangeable will, in this battle for the deliverance of our people from the most gruesome fate of all times, to recoil from nothing and unchangeably and loyally obey the command for the survival of our nation. The almighty has created our people. When we defend our existence, we defend his work. That this defense is connected with nameless misfortune, sorrow and pain unparalleled, makes us even more attached to our people. But it will also gain us the toughness necessary to fulfill our obligation in the worst crisis times; this means not only the duty toward the decent, eternal Germany, but also the duty toward those few without honor, who separate themselves from their people.

Therefore, there is for us only one commandment in this fateful battle: He who fights honorably can save his life and that of his loved ones. He who cowardly or without character stabs our nation in the back, will die a shameful death in any case. That the National Socialism was able to awaken and harden the spirit in our German people, is its greatest feat. One day, after the abatement of this formidable world drama and when the peace bells will ring, only then will one know what the German people can be thankful for in the rebirth of their soul: It is nothing less than their existence in this world. Still a few months and weeks ago, the Allied statesmen have quite openly pointed out the German fate. In response, they were reprimanded by a few newspapers, to be smarter than that and promise something, even if they do not have the intent to keep their promises. In this hour, as unmoved National Socialist and fighter for my nation, I want to give the assurance to those other statesmen once and for all that every attempt at influence upon the National Socialist Germany with phrases of the likes of Wilson would presume a naivety which the Germany of today does not know.

But it is not deciding at all that in democracies the political activity and the lies make their manifestation as inseparable fellows, but crucial is, that each promise which these statesmen dispense to the people is today totally irrelevant, anyhow, because they themselves are no longer in a position to ever be able to redeem such reassurances. It is not any different as if a sheep would want to assure another sheep that it will protect it from a tiger. In contrast to it, I am repeating my prophesy: England will not only not be in a position to tame the Bolshevism, but its own development-out of necessity-will take its course more and more along the values of this disease dissolving everything. The spirits that the democracies have called up from the steppes of Asia, they themselves can no longer get rid of. All the little nations of Europe that capitulated in the trust of the Allies will be faced with their complete eradication. Whether this fate will reach them sooner or later is not important in light of its inevitability. It is exclusively tactical considerations which move the Kremlin Jews, at one time they advance immediately brutal, and in other cases proceed at first somewhat reticent. The end result will always be the same.

This fate, however, Germany will never suffer! The guarantee for this is the internal victory battle of 12 years ago in our country. Whatever our opponents may plot, whatever harm they inflict upon our land, but most of all what sorrow they inflict upon our people, this pales against the not repairable misery and misfortune that would necessarily meet us, if ever the plutocratic-Bolshevistic conspiracy remains the victor. It is therefore, on this twelfth anniversary of our power change even more necessary, to make the heart stronger than ever before and to solidify in us the holy decision to advance the weapons, regardless where, and totally regardless under which circumstances until at the end the victory will crown our efforts.On this day, I also do not want to leave any doubts about something else: In defiance of a totally hostile world around us, I once chose a path in my heart and walked this path as an unknown, nameless man to the final success. Often declared dead, and at any time wanted dead, but in the end yet a victor! But my life today is also determined exclusively by my incumbent duties.

In sum, they result in only one duty, namely: to labor for my Volk and fight for it. Only the one who has appointed me can absolve me from this duty. It was the hand of destiny that the bomb on July 20th aimed to extinguish me and end my life’s work, exploded one and one half Meters next to me. The fact that the Almighty protected me, I see as corroboration with my mission.Therefore, I will also walk this path in the coming years without compromising the representation of the interests of my people, unflustered by any hardship and any danger, permeated by the holy conviction that in the end the Almighty will not abandon the one who his whole life did not desire anything else but to save his people from a fate they neither deserve by their sheer numbers, nor by their significance.

I appeal therefore, in this hour, to the whole German nation, but at the apex to my old comrades-in-arms and to all soldiers, to arm themselves with an even greater and tougher spirit of resistance until we lay again-as we had done once-on the graves of our dead of this tremendous struggle, the reef with a ribbon that reads: “You have won, after all!” I expect from every German, that he, therefore, fulfill his duty to the utmost, that he will take upon him every sacrifice that will be and will have to be demanded of him. I expect from every healthy man that he will deploy himself with body and soul in battle. I expect from every convalescent and frail man, or otherwise indispensable man, that he will labor to the exertion of his last strength. I expect from the city dwellers that they will forge the weapons for this battle, and I expect from the farmer that under the highest possible personal restrictions provides bread for the soldiers and workers of this battle. I expect from all women and girls, that they will support this battle-as before-with uttermost fanaticism. I turn with a special faith to the German youth.

As we form such a sworn unity, we have the right to stand before the Almighty and plead for his mercy and blessing because a people cannot do more than this: everyone who can fight will fight, and everyone who can work, will work, and together everyone’s sacrifice will be filled with only one goal, to assure the freedom, the national honor, and the future of our lives. No matter how severe the crisis is at this moment, it will be conquered by our unalterable will, by our willingness for sacrifice, and by our ability to have it mastered at the end, regardless. We will overcome this hardship, too. And, in this battle Inner Asia will not win but Europe, and at the tip will be the nation which for One Thousand Five Hundred Years represented Europe as supremacy against the East and will represent it in all the future:

To our Greater German Reich, the German Nation!

-- source

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:05 am ]
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A letter from Hitler to Eva after the 1944 assassination attempt reveals the loving bond that had developed between them:

Mein Liebes Tschapperl, Don’t worry about me. I’m fine though perhaps a little tired. I hope to come home soon and then I can rest in your arms. I have a great longing for rest, but my duty to the German people comes before everything else. Don't forget that the dangers I encounter don't compare with those of our soldiers at the Front. I thank you for the proof of your affection and ask you also to thank your esteemed father and your most gracious mother for their greetings and good wishes. I am very proud of the honor - please tell them that - to possess the love of a girl who comes from such a distinguished family. I have sent to you the uniform I was wearing during the unfortunate day. It is proof that Providence has protected me and we have nothing more to fear from our enemies. From my whole heart, Your A.H.

Eva’s reply:

Geliebter, I am beside myself. I am dying of anxiety now that I know you are in danger. Come back as soon as possible. I feel as if I am going insane. The weather is beautiful here and everything seems so peaceful that I am ashamed of myself … You know I have always told you that I would die if anything happened to you. From our first meeting on, I have promised myself to follow you wherever you go, even to death. You know I live only for your love. Yours, Eva.

Hitler a madman, a psychopath, a monster?

No way. It is the madmen, the psychopaths, and the monsters of the Jewish cabal that have painted Hitler in their image, as sociopaths tend to do. These same people created the Holocaust Lie to demonize their enemies and play upon the sympathies of trusting people incapable of imagining the type of sociopathic mind that could perpetrate such evil.

Eva and Adolf, June 1942

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:07 am ]
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An astonishing photo is up for sale in the US, showing what may seem like an illusion: a little Jewish girl gently hugged by… Adolf Hitler. The Nazi leader kept his affinity for the girl even after he learned of her roots.

Hitler frequently invited children to his mountain residence throughout the 1930s, and photographs of such visits would often be used by Nazi propaganda. -- source

Remember, to the Nazis, propaganda was used to educate and enlighten! It was not used to deceive and manipulate, as it is used in England, Russia, and the United States both then and now.

So yes, Hitler loved his German people. He didn't care what their background was, or what their religion was, as long as they put the interests of the German people first. That was the core of National Socialism, or what we have been brainwashed to call "the evil Nazis".

Jews typically did not put the interests of the German people first. They put their own Jewish interests first. And therein lay the problem.

“The dear and considerate Rosa Nienau, Adolf Hitler, Munich, 16th of June 1933,” reads the inscription on the photo.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:58 pm ]
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This might seem like a strange place for a TED Talk, but I feel it is directly related to our beliefs about Hitler, the Nazis, the Jews, the Muslims, and many other groups we are taught to demonize.

Özlem Cekic's email inbox has been full of hate mail since 2007, when she won a seat in the Danish Parliament -- becoming the first female Muslim to do so. At first she just deleted the emails, dismissing them as the work of fanatics, until one day a friend made an unexpected suggestion: to reach out to the hate mail writers and invite them to meet for coffee. Hundreds of "dialogue coffee" meetings later, Cekic shares how face-to-face conversation can be one of the most powerful forces to disarm hate -- and challenges us all to engage with people we disagree with. -- source

Özlem Cekic is not easy to understand, as English is not her first language, but it is well worth the effort to try to understand her words, and thus her message. It is the same whenever we approach any idea that runs contrary to what we have been taught to believe, like the misrepresentations of Hitler and the Nazis, or the psy-op that's called the Holocaust™, or the psy-op we know as 9/11. At its root, the source of all this division and hate that we are taught is the sociopaths. The people without empathy would be the logical source for our instruction on hating and demonizing others. I have indeed found this to be the source of our brainwashing demonizing Hitler and the Nazis. Sociopaths like Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Jewish leaders are the ones that accused their opponent, Adolf Hitler, of their own malfeasance, of their own crimes, and of their own psychological condition. They falsely called him a mass murderer, a psychopath, and the world's most evil man. This was actually what they were, behind their constructed masks of piety and righteousness. They were the real monsters, not Hitler, if only the truth could be known.


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