Hitler -- What is the truth?
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:28 am ]
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It’s often been claimed that Hitler’s success in reviving his nation’s economy was based largely on government spending for rearmament. This is a myth. As the renowned British historian A. J. P. Taylor noted: “Germany’s economic recovery, which was complete by 1936, did not rest on rearmament; it was caused mainly by lavish expenditure on public works, particularly on motor roads, and this public spending stimulated private spending also, as [British economist John Maynard] Keynes had said it would. …while nearly everyone else in Europe expected a great war, Hitler was the one man who neither expected nor planned for it.” – A. J. P. Taylor, From Sarajevo to Potsdam (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975), p. 140. -- source

That's right, Hitler's economic recovery for Germany was not based on creating weapons for a world conquest that Hitler is alleged to have envisioned.

Everything was done with public money that owed no interest to the International “Banksters”. As Hitler said, “For every Mark issued, we required the equivalent of a Mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.” -- source

Now there's a novel concept! No money is issued except for work done or goods produced! How alien to the debt-based capitalist system run by privately owned and for-profit central banks! No wonder they call the German national-socialist system "evil"...


Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:22 am ]
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Many foreigners were impressed by the improved outlook and health of Germans, including Sir Arnold Wilson, a British M.P. who visited Germany seven times after Hitler came to power.

“Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and is considerably inferior to that in Great Britain,” wrote Wilson. “Tuberculosis and other diseases have noticeably diminished. The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants. It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth. Even the poorest persons are better clothed than was formerly the case, and their cheerful faces testify to the psychological improvement that has been wrought within them.” -- source

Under Hitler, Germany's living conditions for everyone were vastly improved. All of Germany knew it, too. That's why Hitler had nearly unanimous support in Germany. It wasn't because he was holding a gun to everyone's head and forcing them to follow his orders, as the Jews would have you believe.

Speaking of what the Jews would have us believe, check out this description from a Jewish website called the Jewish Virtual Library:

Sentenced to five years' imprisonment in Landsberg fortress, Hitler was released after only nine months during which he dictated Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to his loyal follower, Rudolf Hess. Subsequently the "bible" of the Nazi Party, this crude, half-baked hotchpotch of primitive Social Darwinism, racial myth, anti-Semitism and lebensraum fantasy had sold over five million copies by 1939 and been translated into eleven languages. -- source

How is it that a "crude, half-baked hotchpotch of primitive Social Darwinism, racial myth, anti-Semitism and lebensraum fantasy" can sell over 5 million copies and be translated into eleven languages before WW2 had even started? Could it be that Jews are falsely denigrating Hitler's work?

Note Mein Kampf has been recently released in the Netherlands and is now a surprise best seller. This follows on the heels of Mein Kampf becoming a best seller in Germany last year. But Jewish sources say it is trash. I wonder whose judgment to trust here...


Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:51 am ]
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Hitler was probably the hero of the second world war and the 21st century. A man of ethical courage, a man of spiritual perception and good intent. A spiritual soul who cared – cared about all life forms, all cultures, about goodness and Light and ultimately about Truth.

Of course, we are taught just the opposite in our educational system and by our media outlets. There is a concerted and determined effort to maintain the propaganda from a war fought 75 years ago. The Holocaust Lie requires it. If the Holocaust™ happened, then Hitler had to have been the source. If it didn't happen, then why was it necessary to invent the horror story and paint Hitler as the world's most evil man, which somehow a nation of 70 million German people couldn't see right in front of their noses over a period of 12 years.

We know now that it was necessary to invent the Holocaust™ so that the truly evil parties would appear to the the righteous ones, and the truly righteous parties would appear to be the evil ones. In effect, the sociopaths were accusing their opponents of their own malfeasance. The Allies were led by the sociopaths (Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt), while the Germans were led by the non-sociopaths (Hitler and crew). The consequences of this realization are epic. It changes everything you've been brainwashed to believe, because you realize it was indeed brainwashing, and not education, that you have been receiving all your life. And why would the world be this way?

Because sociopaths are still running this world.

Hitler wasn't feared by Germans. He was loved. Ever wonder why?

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Mike King has put together a little debate between Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill here. I enjoyed reading it with an eye toward identifying which is the sociopath and which is not (if any). I have already been down this road many times, each time with deliberate study and research, so I can confirm that Mike King's arrangement is accurate with respect to each man's attitude. Churchill is the consummate warmonger, while Hitler wants peace but not if bullied. Naturally, no common ground can be found between a blustering tyrant and an independent sovereign.

Mike King wrote:
Churchill: We shall go on to the end. We shall fight on the seas, we shall fight in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender... -- June, 1940

Hitler: In this hour I feel it to be my duty before my own conscience to appeal once more to reason and common sense, in Great Britain as much as elsewhere. ... I can see no reason why this war must go on. -- July, 1940

Hitler doesn't want war among Europeans, while Churchill wants nothing but war with Germany. Churchill is being controlled by Jewish interests, while Hitler acts in the best interests of Germany first and Europe second. Plus we have a sociopath (Churchill) pitted against a non-sociopath (Hitler). Of course, the history books written by the victors paint it exactly the opposite. Is it really so difficult to see why they have done so?

-- source
Can you tell who is sociopathic and who is not?

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

“A nation which spreads over another a sheet of inevitably deadly gases or eradicates entire cities from the earth by the explosion of atomic bombs, does not have the right to judge anyone for war crimes; it has already committed the greatest atrocity equal to no other atrocity; it has killed – amidst unspeakable torments – hundreds of thousands of innocent people.” Hon. Lydio Machado Bandeira de Mello, Professor of Criminal Law; author of more than 40 works on law/philosophy -- source

Quite right. Those guilty nations would be Great Britain and the United States of America.

The Allied bombing of Dresden and other German cities would also be in that same category of war crimes, yet no one was brought to justice or even charged for that unspeakable crime.

“Of the children these dreadful nights, what can be said? Their fright became horror and then panic when their tiny minds became capable of grasping the fact that their parents could no longer help them in their distress. They lost their reason and an overwhelming terror took over. Their world had become the shrieking centre of an erupting volcano from which there could be no physical escape. Nothing that hell offered could be feared more.

“By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises hissed from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet. Their shoes caught fire and then their feet. The lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joans of Arcs…. thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening that night.

“The sounds of many were unintelligible and undoubtedly many more called for their parents from whom they were parted by death or by accident. They grasped their tortured limbs, their tiny burning legs until they were no longer able to stand or run. And then they would crash to the ground where they would writhe in the bubbling tar until death released them from their physical misery.” Martin Caidin, The Night Hamburg Died, Ballantyne Books. -- source

The horror is almost too sharp to bear.

Hamburg victims where they died in the street.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Here we are talking about the bombing of Karlsruhe, Germany near the end of 1944. I've never heard about the bombing of this German city, but the absurdity of the story we are told here is obvious to me, but probably isn't obvious to most people. Read the account and see if you can spot the lies.

On 27 September came the attack method called the "Death Fan" which surprised the population completely. That night the air raid alarms had gone off several times already, so when the sirens went off again at 5am the people thought the planes were returning from another target so they did not go into the shelters. The guidance airplane marked one point before the actual target area. The bomber formation then flew over and released the bombs after an exactly computed time interval. 248 British bombers dropped 200,000 incendiary bombs and hundreds of high-explosives bombs on the city and destroyed among other things the lock and the city hall. The enormous sea of flame developed from Durlach going east of the city through Durlacher Allee, Ost and Suedstadt, and in a large corridor through Innenstadt, Weststadt, Muehlburg, and Knielingen. Cold temperatures and fire fighters controlled the fire to prevent a larger destruction. Since this attack had not brought the desired complete destruction to the city, air marshal Harris instructed to the bomber COMMAND the order for another large-scale attack.

4 December: The largest high-explosive bomb attack on Karlsruhe occurred with 989 bombers, which had electronic guidance to outwit the Flak. The raid began in Durlach and continued over the west city and Muehlburg to achieve the strongest intensity. But the strong tail wind accelerated the bomber fleets so much that they already began at 19.28 o'clock with the bomb releases, before the goals were correctly illuminated. Additionally the strong cloudy appearance made recognizing the markings more difficult. 375 died, including about 100 in the public air shelter under the hotel "three lime trees" in Muehlburg. Entire house lines were totally destroyed. The goal of "complete destruction" however had not been reached. -- source

Karlsruhe had a population of around 180,000 in 1939. On December 4, 1944, we read that 989 bombers attacked the city, dropping probably many thousands of bombs (perhaps 20 bombs or more per plane?), yet we are told only 375 Germans died from the attack, slightly less than one third of a person per bomber sent on the mission.

Are you kidding me?! Why bother terror bombing German civilians if this is the best you can do?

It would appear that the Allied command is deliberately understating the massacre they inflicted in order to downplay their crimes against humanity. Each bomber with its full payload of bombs can't even kill one person on average? That's BS!

From April to December, 1944, Karlsruhe suffered 13 incendiary bomb attacks. In total, more than 10,000 tons of bombs were dumped on the city. Of 17,134 family homes, only 3,414 remained. 1,745 civilians were dead, and 3,508 injured. -- source

If you do the math, it allegedly took over 11,000 pounds of explosives to kill each German civilian, be it a woman, a child, or an elderly person. And this despite 80% of family homes being destroyed in a city of well over 100,000 people! Sure, that's not "complete" destruction, but it is getting pretty close.

After the December attack only 60,000 people still lived in the city. (= 1/3 of the population of Karlsruhe before the Second World War). -- source

So after all those explosives and incendiaries were dropped on Karlsruhe, the Allies could proudly boast that 1% (1,745 civilians) of the original population (around 180,000 people) had been exterminated at the cost of delivering over 20 million pounds of bombs.

Absolutely ludicrous. They lied, and no one has bothered to correct the lies in the intervening 74 years. If they lied about this, what would they possibly tell the truth about? My answer — they didn't tell the truth about anything.

"In war, truth is the first casualty." -- Aeschylus, Greek tragic dramatist (525 BC - 456 BC)

The Bombing of Karlsruhe in WW2 and scenes from the aftermath
(duration 7:10)

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

Between 1940 and 1945, sixty-one German cities with a total population of 25 million souls were destroyed or devastated in a bombing campaign initiated by the British government. Destruction on this scale had no other purpose than the indiscriminate mass murder of as many German people as possible quite regardless of their civilian status. It led to retaliatory bombing resulting in 60,000 British dead and 86,000 injured. -- source

The retaliatory bombing reluctantly ordered by Hitler was not really mainstream German policy. Hitler's policy was to avoid targeting civilians and follow the existing conventions of wartime conduct which protected civilians. But when dealing with the sociopathic leaders of Britain (especially Churchill), Hitler had little choice but to eventually respond in a "tit for tat" manner to try to force a return to common sense into the minds of the British leaders. It didn't work, as those minds were too pathological to even understand "tit for tat", since it was not the British leaders who were bombed (Churchill typically fled to his country retreat each time London was attacked by the Germans).

The lop-sided magnitude of the respective terror bombing programs of each side confirms that indiscriminate mass murder was not German policy, but was indeed British and American policy.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

This man is sincere, reasonable, honest, direct, and genuine. He speaks the unvarnished truth. There is no pretense, no deception, no manipulation, no ego, no evil. You need only listen to his words to know it. But we aren't usually allowed to listen to his words. Instead we are told exactly what to think of this man, and what we are told is not the truth.

Why is it so important that we not know the truth?

Hitler in His Own Words - A Collection of Speeches with English Sub-titles
(duration 47:51)

You can be sure this video will eventually disappear. Already you are required to watch it on YouTube, so they can track how many watch it and how popular it becomes. Already you cannot easily share the video or leave comments about it, as you can with most other videos. It is taboo to learn what Hitler was really like. You are supposed to accept the official story without question, just like for the assassination of John F. Kennedy, or for the events of 9/11. They always do this, because they lie. Only it is worse for Hitler and the Holocaust, because they have passed laws in many countries making it illegal to investigate or question the official version of the story.

They are very afraid that we will finally understand that they have been lying to us for a very long time.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

A Dutch firm has been commissioned by the Norwegian government to bury a sunken Nazi submarine in sand to stop the 1,800 barrels of toxic chemicals onboard from leaking into the sea.

Previously described as an “underwater Chernobyl” by a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the process is not a permanent solution, but simply a delaying tactic for the 65 tons of metallic mercury that will be leaking into the sea for decades to come. Campaigners reportedly wanted the wreck to be brought ashore but authorities deemed the suggestions to be too risky as the bottles could break up as they were moved.

U-864 was struck in early 1945 as it headed for Japan carrying jet parts, killing all 73 crew members onboard. -- source

We are still being lied to after all this time!

"Jet parts" do not include 65 tons of mercury! Mercury is not used in any fashion for jet aircraft. However, mercury was reported to be a critical component used by the Germans for their anti-gravity "flying saucers" that the Allied commanders have always kept secret from the public. All German high technology was actively (but quietly) pursued by the U.S. government after the war for their own power lust. Operation Paperclip was one of those programs.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hitler -- What is the truth?

In late 1944, U-864 was dispatched from Germany under the command of Korvettenkapitän Ralf-Reimar Wolfram to take part in Operation Caesar.

This mission called for the submarine to transport advanced technology, such as Me-262 jet fighter parts and V-2 missile guidance systems, to Japan for use against American forces. Also on board was 65 tons of mercury which was needed for the production of detonators. -- source

65 tons of mercury needed for the production of detonators? Being transported to Japan with other very high-tech material? Is that what we are supposed to believe?

In Britain, code breakers at Bletchley Park were alerted to U-864's mission and location through Enigma radio intercepts. To prevent the German boat from completing its mission, the Admiralty diverted the fast attack submarine, HMS Venturer to search for U-864 in the area of Fedje, Norway. -- source

So what's so important that the Allies pull out all the stops to intercept and destroy a U-boat transferring 1,800 barrels of mercury to Japan, supposedly to be used for detonators?

This story also tells us that British military intelligence had access to all German encrypted communications, and that the Germans didn't know their most sensitive coded messages were being read by the enemy.

There's more to this story than we are being told. The charade has been going on for 73 years now, so you know it has the highest priority among the ruling sociopaths. The public must not learn the truth about WW2 history, because if they do, the magnitude of the con-game being played on the world will be exposed, and the ruling sociopaths may lose their repressive control of humanity.

U-864: video survey of stern section
(duration 0:25)

The German submarine U-864 was a Type IXD2 U-boat of Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine in World War II. She departed from Kiel on 5 December 1944 on her last mission, to transport to Japan a large quantity of mercury and parts and engineering drawings for German jet fighters. While returning to Bergen, Norway to repair a misfiring engine, the U-864 was detected and sunk on 9 February 1945 by the British submarine HMS Venturer, killing all 73 on board. It is the only documented instance in the history of naval warfare where one submarine intentionally sank another while both were submerged. -- source

It was so important to the Allies to stop that submarine that they were willing to use even untried and unproven tactics. For mercury? Hmm....

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