Will the real history please stand up?
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Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Will the real history please stand up?

Yeah, I mean, they are similar in the efforts of local law enforcement to cover up the truth and to effectively establish an official account of the assassination which involves a patsy. In the case of Martin King, of course, it was James Earl Ray, who I represented the last 10 years of his life, and that story is so, now so officially destroyed, that the evidence that I put forward — my final book on the King case is called The Plot to Kill King, the evidence set out there is so powerful, so strong, that there’s just no way that the official story can stand.

So we have a similar situation with respect to the assassination of Bob Kennedy two months later. The evidence is so overwhelming, despite the really hard, heavy efforts of the Los Angeles police to cover up, that if a hearing or trial were ever allowed where the evidence could be put forward, there’s no doubt in my mind that Sirhan would be found not guilty. But that, of course, is a struggle. You have an official story, and you have official efforts to make sure that that story stands up as best as they can, and they do everything possible to effect that result.

I'm convinced that the bulk of history as we are taught it is false. The MLK assassination and the RFK assassination are just two more damning examples that we live in a world of severe deception. This is precisely what can be expected in a world controlled by sociopaths, which is precisely the kind of world we live in.

This means that it is critical to question everything and dismiss nothing. "Facts" are often not facts. "Truth" is often not truth. "Lies" are often not lies. "Science" is often not science. "History" is often not history.

Author:  Chicodoodoo [ Tue Oct 06, 2020 4:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Will the real history please stand up?

The top levels of U.S. government knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, and they made every effort to make sure the Commander-In-Chief at Pearl Harbor (Kimmel) was kept in the dark. There was a conspiracy to allow the attack to happen, and the people killed in the attack were just collateral damage to the sociopaths behind the con-game. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was chief among the conspirators. These conspirators were pursuing Jewish interests to bring the U.S. into the war in order to ensure the defeat of Germany, the Jews' long-standing enemy that the Jewish cabal had believed was vanquished after WW1. The Jewish-orchestrated Treaty of Versailles in 1919 had reduced Germany to a helpless and subservient state that Jews were quick to feed on. They had not anticipated that Germany would rise again, and in less than 20 years.

This video clearly shows the unmistakable signs of traitorous conspiracy, yet in the end it backs away with "No one could envision..." What no one could envision was that Jewish sociopaths were quietly running the show, and to this day, they are careful to ensure that no word of it gets out.

Secret History Pearl Harbor The New Evidence
(duration 46:24)

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