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Teach your children well 
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Post Teach your children well
Kids yelled at their Drunk Bus Driver to STOP!

She was drunk behind the wheel with more than three dozen kids aboard her school bus. Now she's going to spend a lot of weekends in jail.

One student on the video screamed, "Put on the brake!"

This is surveillance video of the dangerous school bus ride last May in the Alfred-Almond school district in Allegany County. 55-year-old Martha Thompson had a blood alcohol content of .15. At the time, she thought the children were overreacting.

In the video, you can hear Thompson say, "Will you guys stop?"

To which a student replies, "Well, you're not okay and I know it."

The bus hit high speeds, ran over a mailbox, and started rolling backwards downhill.

A student shouts, "Turn the bus off!" "No," says Thompson. "You're backing into the freaking ditch, you're making the little kids cry...Stop!" screams another student.

Finally, the children opened the emergency door in the back of the bus to get out, despite Thompson pleading against it.

Thompson hollers, "You can't get off the bus!"

Now, she'll spend the next 12 weekends in jail on her guilty plea to 37 counts of child endangerment and driving while intoxicated.

Allegany County Assistant District Attorney Michael Finn said, "I think this was a just and appropriate outcome in this case. A potential tragedy was averted by the grace of God, and thankfully none of the passengers, nor Mrs. Thompson, was injured as a result of this sequence of events."

Defense attorney Thomas Trbovich, "She made a very bad judgment."

Her attorney blames her behavior on a little alcohol having a bad reaction with Thompson's medication.

"She's embarrassed. She's very sorry to the children. She never, ever would intentionally put any of those children, especially her own in any type of risk and now she's getting the help that she needs," said Trbovich.

In addition to 12 weekends in jail, Martha Thompson will be on six months of home electronic monitoring, five years probation and mandatory alcohol counseling.

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Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:01 am
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Post Re: Teach your children well
When I mention the ability to teach, I am not referring to people who we designate officially as “teachers” or people who call themselves teachers. Most teachers do not actually know how to teach anything.

I have seen men and women with expert level knowledge in numerous fields of study who are bumbling buffoons when it comes to passing that knowledge on to others. This is because it is not enough to have mastered a skill set; you must also be able to read other people and figure out how they process information. You have to be highly intuitive to teach, and this is not something that can be learned, it is something that comes naturally. -- source

Teaching is a skill. You do not have to be highly intuitive. Teaching can indeed be learned. There are many ways to transfer knowledge effectively. I certainly agree that most current teachers cannot teach effectively, but that is by deliberate design and by the insidiousness of the money system. Money ruins everything. We pay basketball players enormous sums to throw a ball through a small hoop, and we have an amazing infrastructure in place to nurture those who can do it well, but the opposite is true for teachers. We place far too much emphasis on mindless entertainment, and far too little emphasis on mindful education. And this is exactly what the ruling sociopaths want. They will give us "bread and circuses" in exchange for us serving them as ignorant lackeys.

It's not that we can't handle the truth. It's that they can't handle us if we know the truth.

Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:41 pm
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