Ballmer, Sterling, Silver ... when large vats of fiat money
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Author:  UncleZook [ Sat May 31, 2014 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Ballmer, Sterling, Silver ... when large vats of fiat money

... fuels the game, expect self-styled Jews (as per Benjamin Freedman's coinage) to be piranhas on a feeding frenzy.

Does it not seem odd that a nonJudean half-Jew (Ballmer) is offering a nonJudean full-Jew (Sterling et al) 2,000,000,000 fiat dollars ... in a controversy started(manufactured??) to bolster the image of a nonJudean full-Jew (Silver) - appointed to replace a nonJudean full-Jew (Stern)?

The range of bids for the NBA franchise being anywhere from $1.2 - $2 billion dollars ... alone brings into question the integrity of money value. It points to speculations and speculators ... not unlike currency speculators that destabilize whole nations by artificially pingponging value (e.g. nonJudean full-Jew George Soros).

Never mind that Ballmer pocketed $20 billion dollars as a chief executive while running Microsoft (and you know that that money was stolen from those that actually did the grunt work at the corporation (e.g. the programmers); from those competitors who were subject to anti-trust practices and monopoly (e.g. hardware suppliers forced to
load inferior operating systems provided by Microsoft after it had cornered the market on operating systems with corrupt trade practices); and from those consumers that were sold pondwater (e.g. any Microsoft product) when they could have had pinot noir (e.g. any open-source equivalent). Alas, the ways of thieves using the shadowy legal system and shadowy business practices is a large topic in itself.

Suffice to say, no man can possibly earn $20 billion in a legitimate system of money, people, and commerce. But
the apathy of the regional, national, and global masses - too lazy to resist the corruptions and perhaps too greedy as they lined their portfolios with stockshares in Microsoft and other bankster-financed megacorporate ventures -
a self-condemning apathy whilst a secretive band of counterfeiting, racketeering Talmudists organized a central banking and bankstering system and took ownership of the capstone ... had only one course to run ... into a cesspool of brackish waters corrupted on a scale worthy of Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

Back to the specific case of the nonJudean Jewish juggle of fiat dollars ... why did it take a man worth 20 gigabucks (give or take the purchase price of a 100-foot yacht) this long to purchase a sports franchise?

Surely Ballmer had the money in hand well before Sterling's (manufactured??) racist remarks ... and surely, Sterling would not have refused 800 million dollars profit in addition to the fair market value of the LA Clippers. He could probably buy an additional sports franchise with the extra money - and probably two from the state of Ohio - and still have enough money left over for the album rights to the entire catalog of NKOTB and The Spice Girls, and the future rights to The Gum Rappers (a yet to be formed group of futuristic pot-bangers assembled from today's pot-banging scene after they get old and still fail to recognize the difference between noise and music).

So why did Ballmer wait this long? A reasonable guess is that he has been instructed to do so by handlers intimate with the capstone of the Talmudist power cartel. A different kind of money-laundering, if you will ... that is, if you can qualify money handed from dirty hand to dirty hand as being laundered. Perhaps, Sterling had a role to play in gauging the state of racial relations (as part of the push for FSD)?

You know, when you're riding the tiger, as the capstone has been and is ... it is wise to always know the state of the tiger's stomach, just in case you fall off. If it's hungry, you will have to feed it to get rid of its hunger. A satiated tiger is a shock absorber of sorts, if you will. The shock of falling off will not hurt as much if the tiger is not interested.

And now that the capstone has some information on the racial dynamic of 2014 ... a payoff to Sterling was probably in order ... that sorta thing.

Anyways, here's some links to inform this thread.

http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/stor ... ng-sources

http://www.algemeiner.com/2014/05/15/en ... -sterling/


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