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The Run-Around

Here is a typical example of the bureaucratic run-around Mrs. Keller has frequently encountered over a forty year span dealing with the so-called public servants of the United States government.  This particular example deals with Major General (Ret.) W. Montague Winfield, who is the currently acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel.  Concerning General Winfield, the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia wrote in their March 12, 2013 Newsletter the following:

"At the League's 43rd Annual meeting in June 2012, most were skeptical about DASD Winfield's sloganeering and cheerful assurances, noting a lack of detail, but all wanted to give him a fair chance to succeed."

Judging from the following timeline of events, Mrs. Keller may have also had the misfortune to be a victim of Winfield's sloganeering and cheerful assurances.  She attended that annual meeting in Washington D.C. in June 2012, where she spoke with General Winfield and personally handed to General Winfield's aide a packet of information she had prepared summarizing her struggle with the Air Force.

06/14/2012Info packet given to General Winfield and his aide by Mrs. Keller for General Winfield to review.
08/13/2012Email to Winfield asking if he has reviewed the info packet.  No response from Winfield for two months.
10/19/2012Winfield finally responds after attending Arlington funeral ceremony for Col. Keller.  Winfield claims he has forwarded the info packet to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness (OSD PR).
10/19/2012Mrs. Keller affirms her desire to have the info packet forwarded to OSD PR.
10/22/2012Winfield responds that he will forward the website address to OSD PR.
10/23/2012Mrs. Keller asks Winfiled if Secretary Erin Conaton might be the best party at OSD PR to see the info packet.
10/31/2012Mrs. Keller emails Conaton at OSD PR to see if the info packet has been received from Winfield (email copy to Winfield).  Automated response says Conaton is "out of the office".
12/05/2012Mrs. Keller emails Conaton again, asking if she received the info packet.  Automated response says Conaton is "out of the office".
12/06/2012Col. Bloom of OSD PR responds for Conaton saying they DID receive the 10/31 email and the 12/05 email, and the appropriate office will look into the matter.  Col. Bloom copied this email to eight of his department colleagues.  Then he followed up four minutes later with another email addressed only to Mrs. Keller saying that they DID NOT receive her emails!
12/13/2012Mrs. Keller emails Winfield to ask what happened to the info packet.
12/17/2012Vollrath responds for OSD PR, saying "all matters relating to your request clearly fall under the purview and authority of ... the Air Force Secretary."  So OSD PR essentially passes the buck back to the Air Force Secretary, and the information packet is never mentioned.
12/19/2012Mrs. Keller emails Winfield asking again what happened to the info packet.
12/20/2012Winfield mistakenly sends Mrs. Keller an email meant for his assistant Rob, saying "Rob, here we go again.  Please prepare a response for this."
12/20/2012Winfield sends a second email announcing the mistake.  He claims they are "re-assessing and re-engaging on your behalf."
01/02/2013Mrs. Keller emails Winfield, asking that he "re-assess and re-engage on my behalf", and asking what she is doing wrong in pursuing her redress.
01/02/2013Secretary Conaton, OSD PR, resigns, apparently having never returned to the office to read email.  Jessica L. Wright replaces her.
01/07/2013Winfield claims he is having his "lawyers re-engaging the Air Force Office of General Counsel."  No mention of the info packet.  No further communication from Winfield followed.
03/20/2013Mrs. Keller asks Winfield what his lawyers have accomplished.  No response from Winfield to date.
08/22/2014Mrs. Keller may not be the only victim of General Winfield's insincerity.  His role on 9/11 ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) suggests a pattern of deception and manipulation in the pursuit of personal benefit.