artist O.E.L. Graves painting signature
The Painting


O.E.L. Graves (1897 - 1971)

From his studio in Palm Springs, O.E.L. Graves entertained Hollywood stars interested in fine art.  Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Raymond Loewy, Mrs. George R. Hearst Sr., Charles Farrell, Clark Gable, Janet Gaynor, and many other notable Hollywood icons purchased his art.  Even the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City purchased some of his work after the exhibit of his "sculptured paintings" there.

Artist O.E.L. Graves with Hollywood celebrity Bing Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Graves with Mr. and Mrs. Bing Crosby

Artist O.E.L. Graves with art collector Walter Brunmark
O.E.L. Graves and Mrs. Brunmark with Mrs. Graves and Mr. Walter J. Brunmark.
The Brunmarks were the proud owners of the displayed painting.
El Mirador Preview Party, April 6, 1958

Artist Bud Graves with wife Vie
O.E.L. Graves and wife Vie

Artist O.E.L. Graves with art collector and celebrity Hollywood actress Janet Gaynor
O.E.L. Graves and actress Janet Gaynor, another famous purchaser of Graves' art.
Janet Gaynor is third from the left, next to O.E.L. Graves.