artist O.E.L. Graves painting signature
The Painting

Ptolemy's Daughters

by O.E.L. Graves (1897 - 1971)

This American artist, based in Palm Springs during Hollywood's golden years, considered "Ptolemy's Daughters" to be his finest work and would not part with it.  Winthrop Rockefeller offered to buy it from him in the 1960s for $15,000 (the equivalent of $570,000 today), and O.E.L. Graves turned him down!  Now, for the first time, the painting is offered for sale to the public.

The painting is done in sculpted oil on masonite (an original O.E.L. Graves style) and measures 36" high by 48" wide.  It is signed in the upper left corner by the artist and is in excellent condition.

artist O.E.L. Graves favorite sculptured oil painting of Ptolemy's Daughters